Hebrew Bible Quotes that Have Been Misunderstood for Thousands of Years

            My name is Kenneth Greifer, and I am an amateur Hebrew Bible researcher. I believe that the Jewish people forgot some very important information about the Hebrew Bible and the correct readings of hundreds of Hebrew Bible quotes thousands of years ago when prophecy ended and the Hebrew Bible was taken over by ancient Bible scholars. I have written four self-published books called “Hebrew Bible Quotes that Have Been Misunderstood for Thousand of Years, Volumes 1-4" that explain what these quotes might have originally said.

            For more than two thousand years, Bible scholars have misunderstood many Hebrew Bible quotes because the Hebrew Bible was written without vowels and because most of the quotes were witty and poetic. In order to read words without vowels, you have to guess from the context what each word says, but it is hard to do that in a witty poetic quote that can say almost anything.

            There are many other things that make reading the Hebrew Bible difficult. There was no punctuation. Subject, verbs, and objects of verbs could be written in many different orders. It would be like saying “a man bought a car” or “a car bought a man” or “car man bought”, or any other combination of these words. Also, many verbs dropped and added letters all over the place, so it can be hard to recognize the verb sometimes. Another major problem is that the words of some Hebrew Bible quotes were written too close together, and the letters were later divided into words wrong.

            There are many Bible translations and commentaries that you can read to find out about these quotes, but they won’t tell all of the information that you really need to know. Most Bible scholars are religious or anti-religious. Religious Bible scholars only tell you what they want you to know so that you will believe their religion is right, and anti-religious Bible scholars also tell you incomplete information so that you will be convinced that certain religious beliefs are false and that the Bible is full of mistakes. Also, many Bible scholars won’t even discuss a lot of topics that average people are interested in because they are not considered “scholarly” topics. They will only discuss things that scholars say about certain quotes, but not what regular people say about them because their opinions are not even worth discussing.

            I also won’t discuss every opinion scholars or average people have about Hebrew Bible quotes, if what they are say is not written in the Hebrew Bible. For example, if scholars and average people say that a certain quote is about the Messiah, a future king of Israel, and the quote does not say anything like that, then I will discuss the quote, but I won’t mention that some people say it is about the Messiah. I will stick to what the quote actually says and not beliefs that are not written there or anywhere in the Hebrew Bible. I don’t think it is fair for anyone to add to what a quote says and then expect you to disprove what is not written there in the first place.

            I am an amateur Hebrew Bible researcher, but I have tried very hard to tell you as much information as I can about each topic so that you can decide what you want to believe. I have also given my own alternative translations and explanations that I think might make sense. I don’t claim to be right about everything, but I think my books are a good introduction to these difficult Hebrew Bible quotes. If you compare my translations and explanations to the information in most Bible commentaries, you’ll see that they leave out some interesting information that you might want to know.

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