Hebrew Bible Quotes that Have Been Misunderstood for Thousands of Years

Kenneth Greifer, an amateur Hebrew Bible researcher, claims that the Jewish people forgot some very important information about the Hebrew Bible and the correct words of hundreds of Hebrew Bible quotes thousands of years ago when prophecy ended and the Hebrew Bible was taken over by ancient Bible scholars. He has written four self-published books called “Hebrew Bible Quotes that Have Been Misunderstood for Thousand of Years, Volumes 1-4" that explain what these quotes might have originally said.

In these books, he offers more than one possible reading and explanation of each difficult quote because each quote can actually be read more than one way. You can’t just say that this is the only possible answer. Usually, you have to say that there are several possible readings that make sense.

For more than two thousand years, Bible scholars have misunderstood many Hebrew Bible quotes because the Hebrew Bible was written without vowels and because most of the quotes were witty and poetic. In order to read words without vowels, you have to guess from the context what each word says, but it is hard to do that in a witty poetic quote that can say almost anything.

Another major problem is that the letters of some Hebrew Bible quotes were written too close together and were divided into words wrong. It is very hard to read words without vowels correctly in poetry, but it is very easy to divide the letters into words wrong.

In order to understand these quotes, you have to try many possible ways of reading the quotes, which can also include dividing the Hebrew letters into words differently. You can come up with many different possible readings that sort of make sense, but are actually wrong. It is extremely hard to think of every possible reading, and Bible scholars have accepted readings that sort of make sense, but are wrong, for thousands of years.

The author of this series of self-published books does not have any credentials, but he has something better than credentials: Proof.

If you look at his alternative ways to read these quotes, you can see that they make more sense and are grammatically correct, unlike the current readings of these difficult quotes that Bible scholars have accepted.

To read volume 1 (a free PDF) about quotes from Genesis to 2 Kings, click here.

To read volume 2 (a free PDF) about quotes in the Book of Isaiah, click here.

To read volume 3 (a free PDF) about quotes from Jeremiah to Malachi, click here.

To read volume 4 (a free PDF) about quotes from Psalms to 2 Chronicles, click here.

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