There are hundreds of quotes in the Hebrew Bible that do not make sense or that are not understood correctly. People have been trying to figure out what these quotes say and mean for thousands of years.

            You might ask yourself, “How is it possible for people to not understand the Hebrew Bible? Why can’t they just read it?”

            The answer is that the Hebrew Bible was written without vowels. In English, the letters “a, e, i, o, and u” help people understand written words. Without them, you can have a hard time reading anything. You have to guess from the context what words say, but there might not be an obvious context, especially because many quotes in the Hebrew Bible are poetic and/or witty. These are not simple obvious sentences, but strange sentences that really need vowels for you to understand them.

            Then you might ask yourself, “If people have been studying these quotes for thousands of years, especially Hebrew Bible scholars throughout the ages, wouldn’t they have figured out what these strange quotes say?”

            You would think so, but they haven’t been able to, and I think it is because these strange Hebrew Bible quotes are usually poetic and/or witty, so you have to try many different possible readings to figure out what the quotes really say, and it is hard to think of every possible reading.

            Although I am an amateur Hebrew Bible researcher, I have spent countless hours over many years trying many different possible ways to read these strange Hebrew Bible quotes, and I think I have figured out many of them. I have put hundreds of my ideas into self-published books that I call “Hebrew Bible Quotes that Have Been Misunderstood for Thousands of Years, Volumes 1-4.”

            Now you might ask yourself, “Why should I listen to the opinion of an amateur Hebrew Bible researcher instead of highly educated Hebrew Bible scholars?”

            All I can say is that I try to prove everything I say, and the best proof is common sense. If you read the usual translations of these quotes and the problems with these translations in my books, and then you read my translations and explanations, you will see just using common sense that my ideas make more sense. You might not be able to tell if I am right or wrong about the Hebrew, but you can ask other people who do know ancient Hebrew, and they can tell you if what I say makes sense or not. Of course, if they are very religious, they might say I am wrong because they are protecting their religious beliefs. Also, you can’t completely trust scholars because they can’t even imagine that a person who is not a Bible scholar with a doctorate could solve problems that they can’t.

            Most people think that only people with certain credentials can do this work successfully, but they are just assuming that. I think that this is something an amateur can do too, although there are a lot of unusual rules and details in ancient Hebrew that can easily trick anybody, amateur or scholar. That is actually why I think scholars have not been able to do this, even though they are well-educated in ancient Hebrew.

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EXCERPT VOLUME 1 (Miscellaneous topics and quotes from Genesis to 2 Kings.)

EXCERPT VOLUME 2 (quotes from Isaiah)

EXCERPT VOLUME 3 (quotes from Jeremiah to Malachi)

EXCERPT VOLUME 4 (quotes from Psalms to 2 Chronicles)

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